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Bookmark Product Name Product Description Key Features Avg. viscosity (cps) Temp. TDS/SDS
MIRAMER AS2010Acrylated amine synergistHigh efficient co-initiator
Good reactivity
Amine Value: 135 - 145 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
MIRAMER AS3400Amine modified acrylateVery good reactivity
Amine Value: 55 - 65 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
MIRAMER AS3500Amine modified acrylateBio-based
Very good reactivity
Amine Value: 57 - 65 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
MIRAMER AS5142Acrylated amine synergistHigh efficiency (No surface migration of amine)
Amine value: 200 - 250 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
MIRAMER LR3600Amine acrylateLow residual acid and solvent
Good reactivity
Amine Value: 50 - 56 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
PHOTOCRYL A101Acrylated amine synergistLow viscosity
High reactivity
Amine Value: 185 - 205 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
PHOTOCRYL A102Acrylated amine synergistLow viscosity
High reactivity
Amine Value: 200 - 250 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS
PHOTOCRYL DP601Acrylated amine synergistLow viscosity
Amine Value: 160 - 170 mgKOH/g
@25ºC Download TDSRequest SDS

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