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We aim to accomplish the value of shared growth
and improve the quality of life by making tomorrow a better place


We, based on the slogan ‘For a Better Tomorrow’, aim to bring a better future
by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the Energy Curing industries.

By fulfilling various corporate social responsibilities focusing on
environmental protection, energy, safety and health, quality and compliance,
we want to contribute to making a reliable supply chain for sustainable growth.
We support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
and obtained a Silver medal in EcoVadis's global corporate sustainability assessment,
which evaluates corporate social responsibility and business sustainability.

We participate in the disclosure of the Climate Change of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
as we are on a path to genuine environmental stewardship for a sustainable future.

ESG Management

Based on the entrepreneurial spirit of 'Work together and live together'
and the management philosophy of 'Customer-centric' and 'Respect for people',
our aim is to contribute to the sustainable growth of all employees and stakeholders
and to optimize the customer experience.

ESG Key Indicator

Committed to creating sustainable value, we have selected key indicators based on
E(Environmental), S(Social), G(Governance) standards, drawing from recognized ESG disclosure standards like GRI. In addition to assessments from various rating agencies, we continuously analyze our internal and external environment to consider and manage indicators related to risks on sustainability.

As your Sustainable Partner and Reliable Supplier,
we pledge to improve our sustainability performance, in a transparent manner.
Classification Sub-classification Key Objective Key Indicator
E Energy Energy Consumption Reduction Energy
GHG Emission Reduction GHG
Environmental Waste Materials Reduction Waste Materials
Water Pollutants Reduction Water Pollutants
Air Pollutants Reduction Air Pollutants
Water Intake Reduction and Wastewater Treatment Improvement Water Resources
S Safety and Health Safety and Health for Employee and Process Safety Accidents and Disaster Damage
Employee Employee Diversity Employee
Talent Attraction and Training Talent Training
Social Community Engagement
Supply Chain Sustainable Supply Chain Management
G Governance Operation of Internal Control over Financial Reporting
Board of Directors with Fidelity and Expertise
Audit Committee with Independence and Transparency
Compliance Code of Ethics
Security and Information Protection

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