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MIRAMER PU2166NT Tough and flexible, providing a combination of modulus and elongation

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작성자 MiwonSC
작성일 24/04


This difunctional urethane acrylate is designed to maintain elasticity in UV/EB curable systems.

It offers a perfect blend of toughness and flexibility, making it ideal for a range of applications, from industrial coatings to UV/EB coil coatings and UV inks.   

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Minae Bella Ahn

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Based in South Korea, Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd. (MiwonSC) became a leading chemical manufacturer in the UV/EB business by supplying specialty chemicals with exceptional quality and sharing innovative solutions to nurture the market. MiwonSC strives to fulfill the high expectations of our customers as a sustainable partner and reliable supplier with one purpose to make tomorrow a better place for the next generations, and we will continue to strengthen our global competitiveness with our affiliates to support the sustainable development of our customers and the world.


Founded in 1959, Miwon, as a global leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance chemicals, believes in the value of shared growth based on trust and aims to improve the quality of life by fostering innovative and sustainable solutions. We are actively present in 29 global sites and generated sales of $1,287 million in 2022. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for chemical industries, and our global workforce of over 1,800 employees continuously contributes to the success of our customers.

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